What The Devil Card Means in Tarot,
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Orthdoxy Can Suck It

I have been reading Tarot Cards for a number of decades and generally find them to be a useful tool for many things. Among those many things is not “telling the future,’ “finding answers,” or “understanding myself.” Frankly, the narrative qualities of Tarot interest me far more than any potential predictive qualities.

I currently use two decks.

The Silicon Dawn by Margaret Trauth has no fucks to give. I adore it. Do not ask it for help, it does not care. Ask…

The alarm rang, but she had been up for a longish while already. She didn’t need to be reminded that today was a big day — today was the day for which she had been born, in a very literal sense.

She walked over to her alarm clock and switched it off, appreciating the irony of an old-fashioned alarm clock when around the house AI would gladly have set the alarm and turned it off, changed the ambient temperature, chosen her clothing all with the same inevitable competence. The very same competence with which it would later today…

by Erica Friedman

Sammy came out of the lab, shoulders hunched over.

“Failed again?” I asked over my shoulder from inside the clean washroom, as I ran the nanosoap over my fingers, with painstaking precision. We’d taken to dying our hands green first before washing, so we were absolutely sure every last inch of skin had been covered. I was using a fiber brush on my cuticles, now, just another 5 minutes or so before I’d be cleared to head out for my monthly leave. I had a pile of deliveries coming in. …

1) Pigs make very poor early voters.
Everyone thinks of corn and cows when they think of Iowa, but Iowa is actually the pig capital of America with almost three times as many hogs as the next most-populous pig raising state, North Carolina. Did you know that Iowans have a joke? Just the one. “If pigs could grow corn, there’d be no people in Iowa.”

2) Television journalists are reporting developing feelings…for their teleprompters.

A Letter to the Young Queer Girls in the Future Who Use Silver Pens

In the mid-80s, I was a young lesbian who read a lot and, naturally, was looking for books about people like myself. There weren’t many, although I found Jane Rule, Katherine V. Forrest and others’ work. Some of it was good, much of it was terrible. The Well of Loneliness wasn’t just a book title…it was the feeling that a library had thousands of books and almost none of them had anything to do with me.

I was a frequent visitor to the County library. It…

Morning starts early for us. I guess that’s for everyone, though I haven’t really ever understood why. It’s not like we’re better, fitter, smarter, or stronger when we’re sleep deprived, but I guess that’s not what they want from us anyway.

And it’s no earlier for us than the elites — the Scholars, who by status, money or talent, have skipped this part of training and gone right up into the game. Down here, you have to earn your place. I don’t want to sound bitter. I’ve heard of Scholars losing their place, if they were really a…

1) Personal
“Thank you for your blog post of January 19th, it means a lot to me that you remembered to post today. I had something to share with you, even though it is irrelevant to your post, but because I know that your every post is meant to be read (and, thus, commented on) by me, here are my thoughts for today.”

2) Editorial
“I note that in your post of 3 years, 5 months and 46 days ago, you made an incorrect statement. Although it is obvious that you could not have foreseen the turns and twists…

When the Squeaky Stair is Silenced By a Body Pillow

by Erica Friedman and J. Lynn Hunt

Anime, Japanese animation, does not make it into mainstream media coverage all that often. Despite rising profits, sold-out theatrical releases and the top US comics publisher in 2017 being neither Marvel nor DC, but Viz Media, a manga company, most North Americans will never have heard of them, or seen even their most popular titles.

Nonetheless, in 2019, anime made media headlines as voice actor Vic Mignogna embarrassed himself — helped along by his fans and his lawyers - in an agonizing lawsuit…

“A radical minority ruins the experience for the majority. “ — said by someone, about everything ever.

I’m active on Quora, a popular Question and Answer site. Active enough that I’ve been Top Writer for 5 years. Every month or so, someone asks a question claiming that the site is going downhill. “The questions are repetitive,” they say , as they ask the millionth iteration of this question. “/Some group/ is ruining it for everyone.” …

Intersectionality. A term we hear a lot these days. Coined by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, Intersectionality is the idea that our multiple identities as members of distinct cultural groups intersect to create a whole that is different from the component identities and that these “intersecting” social identities affect and are affected by cumulative systems of oppression and discrimination.

We see the word, we think we understand the concept. And yet, it appears that we’re failing in every way to grasp how this works. Why is it so difficult?

Because we’re human.

Once we begin to recognize diversity, the need each individual…

Erica Friedman

Speaker, Writer, Information Pro, geek marketing, LGBTQ manga tastemaker, culture junkie, essayist.

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