10 Types of Comments for People Still Writing Blogs in 2020

Erica Friedman
3 min readJan 18, 2020

1) Personal
“Thank you for your blog post of January 19th, it means a lot to me that you remembered to post today. I had something to share with you, even though it is irrelevant to your post, but because I know that your every post is meant to be read (and, thus, commented on) by me, here are my thoughts for today.”

2) Editorial
“I note that in your post of 3 years, 5 months and 46 days ago, you made an incorrect statement. Although it is obvious that you could not have foreseen the turns and twists of the plot that had not yet been fully revealed, I am under no such limitation and being able to look back at the story from a position well into the future, can express with complete confidence that you were wrong about what happened.”

3) Conversational
“I met you once, but didn’t have time to stick around and ask you the 37 questions I had at the time, so I’ll begin asking them now.”

4) Therapeutic
“Reading this post made me feel feelings. Because you wrote the post, you must therefore wish to know about those feelings. Relax and I will tell you at length about the feelings, their genesis in my youth, how the work you are critiquing affected me and how your feelings about the work make me feel. “

5) Antagonistic
“Although you clearly state that everything you write is ‘subjective,’ I understand the propogandist subtext of that, which is to say every word you have written with which I disagree is a demand for me to think and behave the same as you or suffer consequences. Your words, which you so carefully label as a



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