What The Devil Card Means in Tarot,
or ,
Orthdoxy Can Suck It

I have been reading Tarot Cards for a number of decades and generally find them to be a useful tool for many things. Among those many things is not “telling the future,’ “finding answers,” or…

by Erica Friedman

Sammy came out of the lab, shoulders hunched over.

“Failed again?” I asked over my shoulder from inside the clean washroom, as I ran the nanosoap over my fingers, with painstaking precision. We’d taken to dying our hands green first before washing, so we were absolutely sure…

Morning starts early for us. I guess that’s for everyone, though I haven’t really ever understood why. It’s not like we’re better, fitter, smarter, or stronger when we’re sleep deprived, but I guess that’s not what they want from us anyway.

And it’s no earlier for us than…

Erica Friedman

Speaker, Writer, Information Pro, geek marketing, LGBTQ manga tastemaker, culture junkie, essayist.

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