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What The Devil Card Means in Tarot,
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Orthdoxy Can Suck It

I have been reading Tarot Cards for a number of decades and generally find them to be a useful tool for many things. Among those many things is not “telling the future,’ “finding answers,” or “understanding myself.” Frankly, the narrative qualities of Tarot interest me far more than any potential predictive qualities.

I currently use two decks.

The Silicon Dawn by Margaret Trauth has no fucks to give. I adore it. Do not ask it for help, it does not care. Ask it to articulate your rage and confusion and sarcasm and your own lack of fucks, and it is a work of actual genius.

The Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle. This is my “warm, fuzzy” deck, when the Silicon Dawn has slapped me silly and I need a pat on the head.

The card I most associate with is the Ten of Swords. I have become legendary among friends for pulling that card. Yes, it speaks of abject failure. I do not fear failure, because it meant I tried to do something. I once did a summer project making a Deck of Tens of Swords” because I wanted to.

But as a point of discussion, here are my two deck’s version of the 10 of Swords and how they are, generally speaking, described.

Silicon Dawn



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